Many assume that a product made for children is going to be safe to use. But that's not always the case, especially when it comes to playgrounds and equipment. Some playground accidents and resultant injuries are actually the result of defective playground equipment. 

Flawed Playground Designs Could Cause Child Injuries

The layout of a playground can sometimes present hazards to children. For instance, a sandbox located too close to the swings might result in children colliding while on the swing set. Also, having equipment designed for preschoolers near equipment designed for older children might present opportunity for accidents if older (and heavier) kids use the equipment.

The surface underneath the playground equipment is another potential danger. Blacktop or concrete is unsafe.

The ground beneath equipment should be made of one of the following to cushion falls:

  • rubber;
  • sand; or
  • wood chips.

Another danger is if children do not have enough space to enter and exit climbers and slides safely, they may collide with other children. Obstructions that prevent adults from properly supervising children could contribute to accidents as well. These are all factors in the design of a playground that could increase the risk of injury to a child.

Defective Playground Equipment Could Lead to Accidents

Sometimes it's the playground equipment that presents hazards. Schools or cities that don't inspect and maintain equipment on a regular basis could increase the risk of injuries. But it could also be the manufacturing of the product that’s the problem.

A failure to follow manufacturer recommendations for installation is one example of negligence that might lead to an accident.

Another premises liability situation that might lead to injuries is when the equipment (or parts):

  • become loose;
  • rust; or
  • deteriorate.

Also, improper spacing could cause a child's head to get stuck. Further, ramps and platforms should have barriers or guardrails; without them, it increases the risk of a child falling.

Playground accidents may be more likely to occur with a flawed design or faulty playground equipment. If this is what led to a child's serious injuries, parents may file a claim against the liable party, which may include the playground owner or the equipment manufacturer. An attorney can determine who is liable and help file the claim. Call Jason R. Schultz in Peachtree City today at 404-474-0804. 

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