The year's biggest holiday season will soon begin and Georgia law enforcement agencies are also beginning their safety efforts by cracking down on truck drivers. The Georgia Department of Public Safety has just kicked off a three-month trucking safety campaign along Interstate 75.

This stretch of highway is known for its heavy traffic and high risk of accidents. The section between exit 350 in Catoosa County and exit 326 in Whitfield County is one of the most accident -prone stretches of highway, and DPS officers will be focusing attention there.

The campaign will specifically target motorists who may not be aware of the risks of an accident when they get too close to a commercial truck. They will also target aggressive truck drivers who tailgate.  Officers will be armed with promotional material that will educate motorists about the need to leave space between their car and the tractor-trailer in front of them.

The program will also include spot inspections of commercial trucks. Officers will examine whether the trucks are mechanically sound and whether the truck driver is otherwise in compliance with the law, including the examination of log books. Trucks that have repair and maintenance issues may be placed out of service until repairs are made.

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