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According to a new study by the National Highway Safety  Traffic Administration and the White House Office of Drug Control Policy, driving under the influence of drugs may be linked to as many as 33% of traffic accident fatalities.  The researchers analyzed data from traffic accident fatalities in 2009 and found that 33% of the fatalities had traces of drugs, either prescription or non-prescription, in their system.

The bad news from the study - the number of traffic accident fatalities linked to drugged driving has actually increased by 5% over previous years, even as the overall number of people killed in traffic accidents in the US has declined steadily over the past decade. 

The Department of Transportation has been warning about the growing numbers of people driving under the influence of drugs for a while now.  This is the "other" drunk driving, and transportation safety agencies have been slow in alerting the public to the dangers of such drugged driving.

As an Atlanta Georgia drunk driving accident lawyer, I know that there are challenges in dealing with driving under the influence of prescription/non-prescription drugs, compared to driving under the influence of alcohol.  It's far easier to determine that a person is driving with a dangerous amount of alcohol in their system.

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