A man driving a pick up truck suffered critical injuries in an accident involving a drunk driver in Marietta this week.  The accident occurred on SR 41.

According to news reports, a woman in a Honda Accord illegally changed lanes and crashed into the Ford Super Duty truck.  The impact caused both vehicles to flip over and the truck smashed into a street sign.  The driver of the truck had to be extricated from his vehicle.  Police believe that the woman driving the Honda was driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one in every three fatal crashes in 2008 involved an intoxicated driver.  In 2009, 7,281 accident fatalities were traced to motorists driving with a blood alcohol concentration level of, or greater than, .08%.  Last year, these motorists accounted for 33% of all automobile accident fatalities in the U.S.  We have made great strides in saving lives every year that would've otherwise been lost in drunk driving accidents.  For instance, in 1982, drunk driving accident fatalities accounted for a staggering 50% of all traffic fatalities.

Persons injured in drunk driving accidents in Georgia have grounds for not only compensatory damages but also punitive damages which are designed to deter drunk drivers.  An Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyer may also file a claim against the owner of the establishment that served the alcohol to the drunk driver, if they knowingly served alcohol to an intoxicated person who they knew would be driving.

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