Liable Parties in Peachtree City Toxic Mold Case

Jason R. Schultz
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Jason R. Schultz is a Peachtree City Personal Injury Attorney Serving the Greater Atlanta Metro Area

If you are a victim of toxic mold contamination, your Peachtree City injury attorney will need to determine liability in order to ensure that you receive compensation for injuries. There are actually numerous parties who could potentially be at fault for a mold contamination. 

Those who work in the construction industry may be held liable in some cases, such as: 

  • contractors;
  • material suppliers;
  • architects;
  • engineers; and
  • inspectors. 

A prior owner or realtor may also be held liable if they were aware of the toxic mold, but failed to inform you of its presence. This violates disclosure laws, and could even be considered fraudulent. 

If the property is a condo or apartment, the blame may lie with a number of people depending on who is responsible for maintaining the property: 

  • the property owner;
  • association;
  • landlord; or
  • manager. 

Liability can be tricky to determine, especially if the source of mold contamination is a school, community building or place of work.  If you are suffering from health problems because of mold exposure, seek legal representation for help recovering damages. Contact Jason R. Schultz, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney today at (404) 474-0804 to set up an appointment with a Peachtree City injury attorney.

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