Child drowning accidents at water parks could be the result of negligent actions. Depending on the details of the incident, responsible parties for child drowning accidents at water parks may include the property owner; lifeguards and others. Establishing the liable party is an important step when filing a lawsuit to recover compensation.

Establishing Liability in a Water Park Drowning Accident

Water parks are a fun attraction for children and adults. However, they can also be dangerous when hazardous conditions exist.

If a child is seriously or fatally injured in a drowning accident, one potential party who may be liable is the lifeguards. This could stem from a lack of proper training or providing inadequate supervision.

Poor maintenance of the pool and its equipment may also be a cause for a drowning accident. Generally the owner would be liable in this case. Property owners have a responsibility to make sure the pool and premises are in safe condition.

In some circumstances, manufacturers of defective parts and equipment could be liable if a child is injured at a water park. One example would be a faulty drain cover that leads to the accident.

Your attorney can evaluate the details of the claim and help you collect evidence to establish the liability of the at-fault party.

Contacting a Child Injury Attorney in Atlanta

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