Include why the change is important. In this example, not having a safe place to walk increases the risk of a pedestrian getting struck by a vehicle. Especially dangerous is when the area is used by children who walk to school. If you know of any specific cases, list those.

The final step is clicking the "Start my petition" button, and you are on your way to making changes. In fact, many petitions have resulted in victories. One example occurred in Cobb County, where road design contributed to a fatal hit-and-run accident. That led to the installation of a crosswalk.

Another resource for creating a petition is MoveOn.Org. The information required is much the same, such as indicating the target of the petition and the reason for starting it.

It's possible to prevent some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents. While no one can control another person's behavior, there are other issues that could increase pedestrian safety by just addressing them.  The Law Office of Jason R. Schultz believes in pedestrians’ rights and their safety. By hiring a lawyer to represent your claim, you should receive almost three times the value versus an unrepresented claim. Fill out our contact form for a free consultation on pedestrian accidents or injury. 

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