Hospital Liability if its Pharmacist Makes an Error

Practically every hospital in the U.S. has an on-site pharmacy to fill its patients' needs. In many cases, a doctor's prescription goes from paper to being administered to a patient in a matter of minutes. This rapid turnaround can be a lifesaver, but also leaves room for errors made in haste.

If a hospital's pharmacist is an employee of the hospital and his/her error or negligence causes harm to a patient, the patient or his or her family has the right to file a claim against the hospital and the pharmacist.

In a negligence claim for a hospital pharmacist's error, you must prove the following facts.

  • That the hospital owed you a duty of care by hiring qualified and competent pharmacists
  • That the hospital owed you a duty of care to implement safety checks to ensure prescription errors were minimized
  • That the pharmacist owed you a duty of care to prescribe you the correct medication at the proper dose
  • That both the pharmacist and the hospital breached any or all of those duties of care

It is the breach of duty of care that allows patients in a hospital to file a medical malpractice claim for pharmacy error. To file a claim against the hospital and the pharmacist, you must be able to prove that the hospital directly employs the pharmacist. 

Filing a Claim Against a Hospital and Its Pharmacist

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