Homeowner Liability for Child Drowning Accidents

When child drowning accidents happen on a private residence, the homeowner may be liable if found to have acted negligently. This may be the case if a gate was left open or supervision was not provided as children were swimming. 

Homeowner Actions or Inactions That Could Indicate Liability

There are certain precautions that must be taken when a property owner has a swimming pool. An assumption must be made that children might be drawn to it, so safety measures should be put in place.

One of the most common ways this can be done is by putting up barriers, such as a gate or fence. Locks should be placed on entrances to a pool to secure the property.

Additionally, if there is easy access to a pool through the home, doors should be secured. Installing a pool alarm could alert others to a child entering the area and could ultimately prevent disaster.

But even with precautions, if a gate or other barrier malfunctions or is in disrepair and a child is injured, the owner could be responsible if he or she knew of the problem and failed to fix it. Property owners who leave children alone in or near the pool could also be liable. 

Contacting a Child Injury Attorney in Atlanta

An attorney at Law Offices of Jason Schultz can provide legal counsel and discuss your next steps if your child is injured or drowns in a homeowner's pool as a result of negligence. Call us at 404-474-0804.

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