Georgia Truck Accident Liability and Scope of Employment

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Despite the bad reputations corporations have in today’s society, there’s no question that big business carries a large burden. Legally speaking, any company can be held responsible for the actions of an employee if a doctrine called respondeat superior is called into play. A 1976 case on truck accident liability makes this point very clearly. 

In August 1976, an enraged truck driver forced Flora Garcia and her family off the road. Garcia was awarded $45,000 for the injuries involved in this collision, but the truck driver himself was not held accountable. Instead, his company had to pay the bill because the accident happened during the driver’s workday.

Defining Scope of Employment

It may seem like a huge leap in logic to blame a company for the bad judgment of one worker, thereby financially punishing the business. But if a lawyer can prove that the employee was in the process of carrying out his professional duties at the time of the incident, the company is deemed responsible. In a nutshell, this is what the term “scope of employment” means.

By introducing respondeat superior into a case, the victim of any kind of accident that may have occurred during an employee’s working hours usually can receive damages. That’s because the legal system feels that a company is better able to pay any costs, while an individual may not have the means necessary.

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