Georgia Truck Accident Claim: Pain and Suffering Compensatory Damages

Jason R. Schultz
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Unlike most claims associated with minor auto accidents, a truck accident claim is typically filed when a very serious truck accident has occurred – one that has caused severe injuries or even fatalities. 

Sadly, truck accident claims that require the help of a Peachtree City personal injury attorney are usually filed by a seriously injured victim, or by the family of someone killed in a truck accident that was caused by negligence. 

Serious or fatal truck accidents leave victims, or the family of the victim, with losses for which they likely deserve compensation, or compensatory damages. Most Americans have heard of compensation for “pain and suffering,” but might not understand the various types of compensation that are considered emotional. 

The court realizes that money cannot replace a life or heal a serious injury caused by a truck accident. However, emotional compensatory damages are intended to compensate for various losses caused by pain and suffering. For example, “consortium” is one type of compensation a victim’s family members might include in a truck accident claim. 

Consortium is defined as “the legal right of husband and wife to companionship and conjugal intercourse with each other.” In a truck accident claim involving wrongful death, the surviving spouse could seek damages for loss of consortium. This is just one area of emotional compensation.

A Peachtree City personal injury attorney can help a truck accident victim’s family go after compensation to recover losses such as consortium, or other types of pain and suffering. 

Contacting a Peachtree City Personal Injury Attorney for Help

If you were involved in a serious truck accident, understanding the types of compensation and what you deserve is key to your truck accident claim. As the victim of a truck accident, you have rights that the insurance companies cannot ignore. While they have a team of lawyers working on their side, shouldn’t you have experienced legal representation fighting for your best interests? 

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