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Two separate incidents across the country this year have involved newborn infants killed by attacks involving their family dogs. As a dog bite lawyer in Atlanta, it is difficult to read or even think about infants being killed by their family pet.

One incident occurred in Georgia, and involved a five-day-old infant. The baby was in a bassinet in her room. When the mother walked in, she found the family pit bull on top of the bassinet. It had bitten the infant, which was bleeding profusely. The baby was airlifted to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, but did not respond to treatment.

The other fatal incident occurred in Minnesota, and involved a 10-day-old baby. The baby was in a child car seat and alone in a room, when it was attacked by the family's Siberian Husky.

Both these incidents illustrate how unpredictable animal behavior can be and also the need for helping your family pets adjust to the new baby in the family.

As an Atlanta dog bite lawyer, I would encourage parents not to assume that their dog is going to be as welcoming of the new arrival as they are. Animal behavior is not an exact science and there is still much to learn as to why a dog attacks. 

Animal and dog bite safety experts say that dogs see their world as a hierarchy. Therefore, right from the time the baby arrives home, your dog must be made to understand that the baby ranks above the dog in the family hierarchy. Any violation of this hierarchy must be met with strict discipline. Experts say this is the only way you can make your dog understand that the baby is off limits.
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