Incorrect Administration

Administering a drug incorrectly can also cause injuries, usually caused by nurses.

Incorrect administration can happen when administering at the wrong:

  • time;
  • rate; or
  • route.

Improper Monitoring

Patients who are taking medication should be closely monitored, especially when several drugs are involved. Mistakes can happen when a pharmacist fails to explain the harmful effects one prescription might have when combined with another drug. Or they can occur when medication is administered through an IV and no one checks on the patient’s response to the drug.

Manufacturing Mistakes

Manufacturers are sometimes responsible for mistakes involving medication.

Manufacturer error could be the culprit if the company:

  • applies the incorrect label to a bottle;
  • the drug is tainted or contaminated; or
  • the manufacturer’s instructions are inadequate.

If a medical professional makes a mistake that leads to an error with medication, consult an attorney about holding the professional liable for any resultant injuries. Call 404-474-0804 to speak with attorney Jason R. Schultz

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