Spring Seasonal AccidentsThe warmer temperatures, rebirth of nature, and increased daylight of spring are accompanied by a surge of outdoor activities … and, naturally, occurrences of injury.

Fatal car crashes begin to climb in the spring due to the increased amount of travelers on the roadways, and peak in late summer. Daylight saving time (“spring forward”) has been shown to alter some drivers’ sleep schedules for a week or two, causing incidents of drowsy driving.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists emerge from hibernation. Car and truck drivers need to be alert to their presence and respect their right to the road. Bicyclists and motorcyclists should follow traffic rules and make themselves as visible as possible.

Beware of potholes. The constant freezing-melting-refreezing and subsequent contraction and expansion of roadway asphalt over the winter can make a mess of things by spring. Drivers may swerve or lose control upon striking a pothole, which can have major consequences.

Stay alert while driving through neighborhoods. Pedestrians are increasingly afoot as well as kids who may possibly dart into traffic.

Children love playing outdoors, and playgrounds are a popular destination. Kids frequently do kid things and get hurt, but some instances of injury may be due to poor equipment maintenance and/or improper construction.

Pet dogs spend more time outdoors once spring arrives, so it’s incumbent upon owners to secure the areas where their canines romp. If a dog owner is walking their dog, never make a sudden move to pet it. Always ask the owner’s permission, and steer clear of strays.

Spring is a wonderful time of year. If someone’s negligence puts a damper on yours, contact our office to protect your rights by calling (404) 474-0804 or by filling out a contact form here.

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