Eight years ago, after one such incident, the escalator industry responded to these concerns with a set of standards for the size of these gaps, as well as an increase in friction along the edges of the escalator steps.  In 2008, there is still no information on whether these measures have actually helped reduce the number of escalator injuries, because of the lack of any serious studies or evaluations conducted since then.   We have only the escalator industry's defense of the safety of their equipment to rely on.  Meanwhile, injuries continue to occur on Atlanta's numerous escalators.

Escalator injuries can result in severe maiming, including loss of limbs and amputation of toes.  Both children and adults can be at risk when they slip through the escalator gaps, or have their limbs or clothes caught in these.  Liability for these injuries can extend from the makers of the equipment to the companies responsible for maintaining and operating these, as well as a premises liability lawsuit against the building itself.

If you've suffered injuries as a result of an escalator accident, contact an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer for a free evaluation of your case.
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