According to Jones, the pit bulls belonged to the neighbor of the person in whose house the attack took place. The dogs seemed to have escaped from their owner's yard through a hole in a damaged fence that separated the two houses. The owner of the house had apparently asked the neighbor to get the fence fixed just a week before the dog bite attack took pace. DeKalb County police are conducting investigations into the tragedy which occurred on December 27th.

There does seem to be negligence on the part of the owner of the dogs here, considering that they managed to escape from their enclosure, and make it to their neighbor's house. An owner is required to keep unsafe animals under strict supervision, leashed at all times to avoid precisely the sort of dog bite attacks that have occurred here.

According to research, among all dog bite attack-related fatalities, those that are caused by a pit bull bite are the most frequently occurring ones, accounting for up to one third of all such deaths. Most of the victims are children, and as one study in California showed, pit bulls don't think of children as playmates, but as prey. Injuries that result from these attacks, no matter whether they are inflicted on a three-year-old or a sixty-year-old, are often severe, leading to disfigurement and scarring. In many cases, victims need plastic surgery to repair the damage done by these vicious attacks.

The victims here should consider filing a dog bite injury claim against the owner of the pit bulls. Fortunately, civil courts make it possible for victims of such attacks to obtain compensation for their pain, suffering, trauma, medical bills, and any lost wages with the help of a Georgia dog bite lawyer.

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