Damages in an Atlanta Premises Liability Claim

Filing a liability claim? An Atlanta premises liability lawyer can help determine the types of damages you are entitled to seek. A lawyer can assist you with the entire claims process, including the completion of paperwork and collection of evidence. 

The types of damages you may be able to seek will depend on the extent and severity of your injuries. The more severe and life-threatening the injuries, the more compensation could be available. 

Types of damages that you could be eligible to recover in a premises liability claim include: 

  • medical costs – related to hospitalization, doctor visits, prescription medication, therapy, and other types of medical treatment and care;
  • lost wages – during the time you were out of work, along with anticipated future time in which you will be out of work;
  • permanent disability – injuries that prevent you from returning to work;
  • pain and suffering – impact on your daily life; and
  • loss of consortium – if a loved one was killed on someone’s premises, spouses and children can receive compensation related to loss of affection, companionship, etc. 

There may be other types of damages available, which can be determined by legal counsel. Don’t delay speaking to a lawyer because there are time limits for filing a premises liability claim.  

Contacting a Atlanta Premises Liability Lawyer 

For help filing a premises liability claim, contact a lawyer from the Law Offices of Jason Schultz. For a FREE consultation, call our law firm today – 404-474-0804.


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