There is no specific settlement amount that parents should expect when filing a liability claim or lawsuit against a daycare for abuse of their child; each case is unique. While the value of the damages will vary, the types of recoverable damages for daycare abuse claims are usually similar. 

Medical Damages in a Daycare Abuse Claim

First, parents should keep track of all medical expenses related to the abusive events. The court should take into consideration the financial burden that the child’s injuries have placed on the family. When listing your damages, think further than the immediate, physical injuries. A well-developed lawsuit will also seek medical damages for reasonable future treatments.

Other Economic Damages Related to Daycare Abuse

Next, parents should consider the impact dealing with the child abuse claim has had on their family and day-to-day life. After the abuse was discovered, the parents may have had to take off work to be with the child after removing him from the daycare. If the parents incurred any additional expenses aside from medical costs due to the daycare’s misconduct, they should include that in the recoverable damages, as well.

Emotional Damages for Daycare Abuse

Finally, emotional damages, also known as pain and suffering or non-economical damages, are calculated into the settlement of damages. Talk to an attorney about proving the emotional effects of your child's abuse. This can be a life-altering event for the child, and the effects can be long-term. Some children might display behavioral or emotional complications.

Don’t let your case settle for an unfair amount. Get legal help first.

In many cases, the daycare will try to settle out of court. However, these settlement offers do not always compensate for the full extent of the damages. Thus, these cases may need to go to court with the help of an attorney.

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