Compensation for Toxic Mold Injuries in Peachtree City

Toxic mold may cause various symptoms. A Peachtree City injury attorney can discuss the many types of damages that you may be eligible to recover in such a case. In some cases, property damage may be the result of mold growth, and damages may exist for this as well. 

If you have property damage caused by toxic mold, you can receive compensation to have the property repaired or rebuilt. If you suffered health problems from the exposure, you can recover compensation to pay for medical expenses such as treatment or therapy. Even lost wages that result from your illness or non-economic damages like pain and suffering may be recoverable. 

In some cases, you can file a claim against a contractor or mold inspector for failing to properly perform their duties. For example, if the contractor did not take the proper steps to prevent mold growth or if the inspector did not identify mold contamination, then you may receive compensation for such negligence. 

In severe cases, if it is proven that the liable party was extremely negligent or fraudulent, punitive damages may be awarded to the victim. These damages come in the form of additional compensation to punish the liable party for its wrongdoing. 

If you are suffering from health problems because of toxic mold exposure, seek legal help from a personal injury lawyer. Contact Jason R. Schultz today at (404) 474-0804 to set up an appointment with a Peachtree City injury attorney.

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