Common Water Park Injuries that Atlanta Children May Suffer

There are over 1,200 water parks in North America and nearly 85 million people visited North American water parks in the summer of 2012, according to the World Waterpark Association.

Water parks are a major hotspot for family fun, but with the congestion, the chaotic atmosphere, and the inherent dangers that arise from children being around water, accidents can and do occur on a regular basis. Below is information about some of the common water park injuries.

Types of Child Injuries at Water Parks

Lots of situations can lead to injury at a water park, from slick surfaces to getting stuck in tube slides, from capsizing while riding a tube in a waterslide to colliding with other visitors.

A study published by the Turkish Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery revealed insight into some common water park injuries, and the water park location in which the injuries occur.

The study enrolled patients in 2005 and 2006 in an emergency department, so the injuries were very serious. The study did not solely recruit children, though, as the mean age was nearly 24. Still, children may be at similar risks as adults at water parks.

A brief summary of the study’s findings is below.

  • Site of injury: Of the 73 patients studied, 31.5 percent of the injuries occurred on waterslides, 21.9 percent occurred in pools, and 46.6 percent occurred when the victims slipped and fell on a wet surface.
  • Type of injury: approximately 20.5 percent of those injured at water parks and who sought emergency care suffered spinal trauma, 16 percent sustained head trauma, and 15 percent sustained facial trauma. The remaining injuries were categorized as “other.”

Some water park injuries – spinal cord injuries, head trauma, facial trauma, near drowning injuries – are quite severe and require immediate medical attention and, potentially, long-term care. Injured victims (or their parents, if minors) should discuss their accident with a local injury attorney to determine if they are eligible to file a claim against the water park to recover damages.

The study authors concluded: “Unless sufficient and required safety precautions are maintained during water park activities, fatal injuries may occur.”

Water Park Injury Attorney in Atlanta

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