Common Types of Atlanta Hazardous Waste on Private Property

Jason R. Schultz
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Suffered a property injury? Premises injury liability attorneys in Atlanta can evaluate your case and help put together a claim. If hazardous waste was the cause of your illness or injuries, you may be able to file a premises liability claim. 

Chemicals are a part of our everyday lives. However, when they are improperly used, stored, or maintained, it could turn into hazardous waste. This is true even when it comes to a private residence. 

According to the Georgia Recycling Coalition, the following are types of hazardous waste that may be found on private property: 

  • swimming pool chemicals;
  • batteries;
  • products with mercury (fluorescent light bulbs, thermometers);
  • paint;
  • electronics;
  • electrical materials;
  • corrosive products (drain, oven cleaners);
  • flammable/solvent liquids (anti-freeze, paint stripper, gasoline);
  • liquid fuels;
  • gas containers (propane tanks);
  • pesticides; and
  • pharmaceuticals (needles, unused medicine). 

Materials like these must be stored and disposed of in a manner that won’t cause harm or injury to the environment or to people. Failure to follow proper safety protocol could lead these materials to become hazardous waste. This could cause illness or injuries. In turn, you may be able to file a premises liability claim if you are affected.  

Contacting Premises Liability Lawyers 

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