The auto claims process can be complicated. Those injured in a crash and who file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company can face numerous challenges. In fact, many insurance adjusters use certain tactics to try to minimize claim value. Understanding some of the common disputes that may arise and being prepared to tackle them is important.

Common Types of Auto Insurance Disputes: Fault

A common dispute surrounds fault. Certain types of accidents are easier to pinpoint responsibility. For instance, in a rear-end collision while you’re sitting in traffic on a major highway like the I-75 in Atlanta, fault typically lay with the person who was struck from behind.

In a left turn accident, the one who made the turn is commonly at fault. But other types of crashes aren’t as clear-cut, and even the crashes mentioned can be more complicated.

An example would be if Car A changes lanes and strikes Car B. One might argue that Car B in the other lane sped up when Car A was making the lane change, while Car B says Car A didn’t use a signal. A claimant can prepare for this by using a statement from a witness. Of course, an attorney could become necessary when liability issues are especially complex.

Common Types of Auto Insurance Disputes: Severity

Another common dispute pertains to the severity of injuries. The insurance company may argue that injuries aren’t as serious as the claimant is saying they are. An injured person can prepare for this by having medical evidence to substantiate the diagnosis and extent of damage.

Common Types of Auto Insurance Disputes: Settlement

It’s not uncommon for there to be a dispute concerning a settlement. It may take some negotiating before arriving at an amount that is fair. Claimants can prepare for this by having documentation of all costs and losses.

It’s important to collect:

  • receipts;
  • statements;
  • bills; and
  • anything else of relevance to the accident and its resultant damages.

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