Common Commercial Truck Driver Distractions

Distracted driving comes in many forms. Although there is more focus on certain behaviors, the reality is that anything that draws a driver’s attention away from the road can be hazardous and lead to a crash. Commercial truck drivers pose a special risk to others simply for the fact that they are operating vehicles that can weigh as much as 40 tons.

Internal Truck Driver Distractions

Internal distractions can involve one’s thoughts. If upset or stressed about a situation, a truck driver could lose focus. Daydreaming is another example. Inattention could be a greater risk if the driver is fatigued, a common problem for truckers.

However, most internal distractions involve using one or both hands to perform a task. So not only are the driver’s eyes not on the road but hands may not be on the wheel, a dangerous combination.

Examples of internal distractions inside the cab include:

  • smoking;
  • eating;
  • drinking;
  • reading a map;
  • adjusting dials; and
  • putting on sunglasses.

But more common is the use of devices, such as a cell phone for texting, talking or accessing the web. Federal regulations for texting and driving prohibit truckers from using a handheld mobile device when driving. 

External Truck Driver Distractions

Distractions don’t always occur inside the cab of a truck. When a driver’s attention is drawn to something outside (external), this can be just as dangerous.

One common example is when a trucker is trying to reach a destination. He/she might be looking for a particular ramp or building, which may divert attention away from the road and motorists and pedestrians around the truck. Other examples include looking at street signs, persons or vehicles on the side of the road, or an accident.

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