Have a kid? Anchor Furniture Like TVs

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Climbing is a natural way your child will begin exploring your home at an early age. Before a tragedy happens, secure furniture and television sets to prevent them from tipping over onto your child during playtime. This is just one part of general child injury safety tips

Flat Screen TVs

Flat screen TVs are especially prone to tipping over even if their stands are bumped. To avoid tip-overs, mount TVs to walls using an installation company or a safety-tested home mounting kit. If you cannot install your TV, make sure the base is pushed as far back as possible against the wall and discourage your child from playing too close to the TV stand.

Furniture like bookcases, dressers, and nightstands can be effortlessly tipped over when a toddler or small child starts climbing one side. Many cabinets come with anchoring straps and studs pre-attached for easy installation. Make sure you use any safety hardware that comes with furniture and appliances. If these did not come with your furniture, anchoring systems can be picked up relatively inexpensively at your local hardware store.

To further prevent tip-over accidents, anchor furniture to the floor by placing heavy items on the bottom shelf. Or, secure the feet. Avoid placing tall, unanchored furniture in the middle of a room unless it is attached to the floor. Make sure all tall furniture is placed flush against the wall and remove any attractive items from the higher areas to avoid tempting your child to climb the furniture.

A Child is Injured by Tipped Over Furniture Every 45 Minutes

According to the Safe Kids Worldwide organization, a child is injured and sent to the emergency room almost every 45 minutes because of unsecured furniture tipping or falling over. There are differences between a child injury accident case and an adult case. Contact Jason R. Schultz today to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation regarding your legal options after a child injury because of anchored furniture: 404-474-0804.

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