Age-by-Age Reactions to a Dog Bite Injury in Jonesboro

Jason R. Schultz
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Jonesboro dog bite attorney Jason R. Schultz, P.C., has handled enough cases to know that a dog bite injury can have devastating effects that go beyond bodily damage. Emotional injuries can be just as traumatic, especially when children are the victims. 

Young children and those around the pre-school or kindergarten age may become especially clingy to their parents. Situations they used to feel comfortable in, such as going to daycare, may suddenly stir fear. It is also not uncommon for children to regress back to behaviors such as bedwetting or thumb-sucking. 

Children in elementary and early middle school years may experience physical symptoms of illness such as stomachaches. Some may experience changes in behavior, sometimes withdrawing and other times acting out in anger. Sleep may also be difficult. 

Teenagers may experience changes in personality and problems with schoolwork. They may have nightmares or flashbacks, and may suffer from depression. 

No matter what your child’s age, helping him or her recover emotionally after a dog bite injury is just as important as their physical recovery.  

Contacting a Jonesboro Dog Bite Attorney 

If your child has suffered serious injuries, consult with a lawyer about the legal options you may have available. For a free evaluation of your case, call us today at 404-474-0804.

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