Tylerlee’s parents say they don’t blame the driver of the SUV for their son’s death, but they are calling for speed limits on Grant Avenue to be lowered. The speed limit is 45 miles per hour.  The parents believe that 35 or 30 mph would be the right speed limit, given the number of families with little children living nearby. According to Duluth police, the particular stretch of road where Tyler was hit doesn’t appear to be especially prone to accidents.


As a Cobb County personal injury lawyer, investigations sometimes reveal that accidents are caused because of a defect in the design or layout of a road. Unfortunately, many of these defects only come to light when there is a serious or fatal accident.  Hopefully county and/or city authorities must evaluate the speed limit where Tylerlee was struck and determine if any changes can be made to prevent similar pedestrian accidents.
Jason R. Schultz
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