5 Types of Truck Accident Evidence

Jason R. Schultz
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When a truck accident results in serious or life-threatening bodily harm, it could lead to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and more. But in order to build a strong case and prove fault, ample evidence will be required. An attorney in Peachtree City may be able to assist with compiling this evidence.

Evidence That May Help a Truck Accident Claim

Records are an important type of evidence. There are a variety of records that may be helpful in establishing negligence or contributing factors in an accident. Examples include inspections of the vehicle, driver’s personnel file, driver's logbook, safety violations, and any other records or documentation relevant to the case.

A second type of evidence is the police report. The police report will include relevant details of the accident and may include any citations issued to any of the drivers involved in the incident. A police report may help to shed light on who is at fault for the collision and may contain information about witnesses to the accident.

The third type of evidence could also be helpful in a truck accident case. Eyewitness testimony could help support claims made by the injured driver. In some situations, eyewitness testimony may be the only way to really know what could have caused the crash, since it might have happened so fast that the drivers involved may not be fully aware of what occurred.

A fourth type of evidence is photographs. Pictures of the damaged vehicles, accident scene and injuries will provide several images that may help in piecing together what led to the accident and its effects on the victim. A variety of shots (close-ups and long distance) should be taken.

Finally, data from an automatic onboard truck recording device could also establish fault. The information contained on this device could indicate that the truck driver may have rushed to reach his or her destination or was experiencing fatigue if behind the wheel of the truck for too many hours at a time.

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