Marietta Medical Negligence Lawyer

Posted on Feb 09, 2010
A patient with permanent brain damage filed lawsuit claiming his injury was the result of medical negligence. The defendant physician denied he did anything wrong or that he violated the standard of care. Plaintiff suffered a hemorrhage involving the right dorsal lateral brainstem extending into the 3rd and 4th ventricle. Defendant physician placed a right front ventriculostomy (monitors intracranial pressure). Plaintiff remained on a ventilator, eventually requiring a tracheotomy and had a feeding tube placed. Plaintiff alleged defendant deviated from the standard of care in failing to culture plaintiff’s cervical spinal fluid (“CSF”) for signs of infection several days after his ventribulostomy had been in place, claiming negligence caused or contributed to the development of a brain infection and the failure to perform appropriate testing resulted in a delay in diagnosis that led to permanent brain damage. Defendant contended that the standard of care did not require testing of the CSF. Plaintiff incurred $800,000 in past medicals, claimed $4,300,000 in future medicals, $73,443 in past lost wages and $894,119 in future last wages. The jury found in favor of the defendant.