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4 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Georgia Injury Claim after an Accident in Mount Zion, GA (Part A)

A Georgia injury claim following an accident in Mount Zion, GA, can be adversely affected through a claimant's use of social media. When an injured party shares information on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social media outlets, any material posted may be obtained by defense attorneys to discredit a case.

4 Ways Social Media Could Be Used Against Your Georgia Injury Claim

There are at least 4 ways in which your use of social media could affect your Georgia injury claim and the compensation you receive for your accident in Mount Zion, GA:

  • Status Updates - any information regarding the accident or injuries sustained that is posted on the Internet may be investigated and possibly used as evidence to distort the incident and your current situation. Even a fact-filled update could be used by seasoned defense attorneys to create the wrong perception.
  • Comments - posting on someone else's page also could be retrieved by the defense and used in your case to refute your claim.
  • Photographs - may be admissible as "proof" in legal proceedings. A picture of a backyard barbeque gathering may be presented as a wild night of partying by the defense, calling into question the substance of your injuries.
  • Videos - editing a moving picture and presenting just a snippet of video can distinctly change the reality of a moment. Videos posted by you or posted by someone else of you could be ruled into evidence. 

Keep in mind that privacy levels and rights to information posted on the Internet may be waived in legal proceedings. Because of this, it is important to keep your activities on these types of websites limited, if conducted at all.

The dos and don'ts of engaging in social media when a Georgia injury claim is underway is best left to a Mount Zion personal injury lawyer
, who can assist in protecting your legal rights to a fair settlement.

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