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Is it legal for insurance companies or attorneys to use social media as evidence against my claim?


It’s not only legal for insurance companies or attorneys to use someone’s social media profile as evidence against their claim, but it’s increasingly common. If another party is at fault for your accident in Peachtree City, that party’s insurance company and/or attorney will use whatever means possible to avoid blame. This can include using social media as evidence.

The Impact of Social Media on a Personal Injury Claim

Never has it been easier to track someone than it is today. Hiding behind bushes with a video camera is no longer the only way to catch an individual doing something that contradicts claims made about his or her injuries. With a click of the mouse, insurers and investigators can learn more by perusing social media accounts. What you post online can be used against you, not only in regard to claims you make about injuries but even concerning fault.

For instance, shortly after being injured in an accident you post a status about it on Facebook. Even though the police officer indicated in the accident report the other driver merged into your lane on the Joel Cowan Parkway in Peachtree City and was at fault, you post, “Terrible day! Hurt my back in an accident today—about the only thing on my side is I wasn’t caught speeding.”

Status updates and tweets aren’t the only things that can get you in trouble. Posting pictures that contradict your injuries can also be damaging. If the insurance company believes you are unable to work and can hardly move because of a back injury, but you post a picture of yourself golfing, this is going to raise a red flag.

Insurance companies and attorneys are increasingly using social media as evidence. It’s easily accessible (even though people oftentimes believe only their online “friends” can see their profiles or accounts) and there is a lot of information that insurers or investigators might obtain.

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