What is PEDS and how does it help Atlanta pedestrians?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pedestrian fatalities accounted for 14 percent of the total traffic fatalities in Georgia in 2012. With Atlanta as a common scene of pedestrian accidents, the PEDS advocacy group is stepping up to improve pedestrian safety in the metro area. But what is PEDS and how does it help the city? Read on to learn more.

PEDS: Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety

The PEDS initiative began in 1996 with a small group of pedestrians determined to decrease pedestrian accidents and make Atlanta a more walker-friendly city. The group campaigns for better pedestrian safety technology like pedestrian hybrid beacons near public transit stops. 

They also hold an active voice with Georgia legislators, working with city planners and visionaries to develop pedestrian-friendly features like median refuge islands and better street lighting.

The PEDS group has helped increase transportation agencies’ funding for pedestrian safety projects to over $20 million per year. The group has advocated for safer sidewalks and changes to funding for sidewalk repairs. They hope this allows pedestrians to stay on the sidewalk and out of harm’s way.

Many pedestrians avoid the sidewalks because they are cracked or damaged to the point where they become a hazard for tripping. There are several referendums and bonds scheduled to fix these hazardous sidewalks and reduce the need for pedestrians to step into the street to avoid broken and dangerous pathways.

You Can Help Pedestrian Advocacy

Even if you are not an avid walker, chances are someone you know regularly walks to work, school, or around town. The PEDS advocacy group is always looking for support from the Atlanta population to help spread their message.

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