Proving Fault in an Atlanta Slip and Fall Case

Jason R. Schultz
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Determining fault after a slip and fall accident can be very difficult. You will need to establish that the owner created the hazardous condition, knew it existed or should have known about it, and failed to correct it.

Establishing Fault in a Slip and Fall Claim

Sometimes it’s fairly easy to prove negligence. For instance, let’s say you were at a store and leaned against a railing on the second floor and it gave way, causing you to fall. If there is documentation showing it needed repairs and the owner knew it needed repairs but had not done so, this could establish fault.

But not all cases are so clear-cut. An example would be weather conditions that cause a buildup of ice that causes you to slip and fall. Your argument might be the owner failed to salt the area. However, it may not be reasonable to expect him or her to do this when there is still freezing rain outside.

The basis of any premises liability claim will be establishing negligence. This will require evidence such as slip and fall photos, footage from surveillance video, or other documentation that demonstrates what happened to cause the accident. An attorney can help you collect relevant information and documentation. 

Contacting a Slip and Fall Attorney in Atlanta

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