Hospital Liability in Medical Negligence Cases

After a hospital visit, some patients discover that medical negligence has occurred. There are several parties that may be held liable, from doctors who commit emergency room errors to pharmacists who fill doctor's prescription orders. One entity that's hard to hold responsible is the hospital itself, although it can be a liable party in many situations. 

To prove that a hospital was negligent and therefore partially or wholly liable for your injuries, you must demonstrate that gross negligence occurred on behalf of the hospital as an entity. For example, if the hospital failed to run background checks and an unlicensed doctor performed a botched surgery on your loved one, you could sue the hospital for failure to review their employee's qualifications.

Another type of hospital liability is when a staff member causes harm to your loved one. If the hospital hired a janitor with a known criminal record and violent past, and that janitor assaulted your loved one, you could hold the hospital liable for improper employee screening and poor security.

Finally, a hospital can be held accountable for failing to provide a proper environment and equipment for medical treatment.

A medical malpractice lawyer could show that a healthcare facility is negligent by failing to maintain a safe and productive environment for their patients' care in these instances.

  • Purposefully short-staffed
  • Constantly out of necessary medical supplies
  • Fails to maintain, fix, and upgrade their equipment

Many medical negligence cases do not have one apparent negligent party and may require extensive research and development to create a strong medical malpractice claim. For help in building and supporting your hospital liability claim, contact The Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, P.C. Call our office today at 404-474-0804 to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation.

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