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Causes of a Child Burn Injury in Villa Rica that Can Lead to a Personal Injury Claim [Part A]

How Young Children are Common Victims of Child Burn Injuries

Children are among those at the greatest risk of suffering a burn-related injury. Very young children – from newborn to age 4 – are at the highest risk of a child burn injury because their skin is thinner and capable of being burned at lower temperatures. Their skin can sustain a third-degree burn if exposed to water at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for just 3 seconds. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 435 children up to age 19 are treated in hospital emergency rooms daily for child burn injuries. Victims face:  
  • potential hospitalizations;
  • infection;
  • skin grafts;
  • trauma; and
  • psychological recovery.  
The CDC also reported that 2 children die every day from a burn injury. 

Babies and toddlers are especially at risk of suffering these types of burn related injuries:   
  • scald burns – caused by steam or liquids;
  • electrical burn injuries – caused by electrocution or electrical malfunctions; and
  • chemical burn injuries – caused by gas or chemical explosions. 
Accidents and Negligence that Often Cause Child Burn Injuries

Very young children are not aware of impending dangers or the risks of fire – another reason for their heightened vulnerability to burn injuries. Older children and teenagers may be injured by burns caused by accidents or negligence by the owners or operators of public venues or equipment.

A personal injury claim, related to child burn injuries, is often focused on negligence that caused the child to be burned by:  
  • kitchen or grease fires in public venues such as day care facilities, schools, community centers, etc.;
  • fireworks or firecrackers at community events;
  • electrical burns or electrocution caused by defective products or hot equipment left out in the open;
  • house fires in facilities without working smoke or fire detectors or adequate means of egress.       
If you’ve been injured in Villa Rica, contact a lawyer who can help child burn injury victims better understand the legal aspects of filing a personal injury claim.

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