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Legal Damages When a Dog Bite Leads to Serious Infection

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When someone owns a dangerous or vicious dog that causes serious injury to another person, the dog owner could be liable for damages. One example in which dog bite injuries could allow victims to recover compensation is when the victim contracts rabies or another type of infection that requires extensive treatment and missed time from work.

Types of legal damages might victims who develop an infection from a dog bite recover include:

  • medical bills;
  • lost wages;
  • future medical costs and wages;
  • emotional damages; and
  • wrongful death damages.

Like any other dog bite-related injury claim, victims who develop an infection can seek to recover compensation for medical expenses. When an individual is thought at risk of rabies, for example, he or she may require rabies vaccinations.

Individuals who contract rabies and develop symptoms may require hospitalization and other treatment costs. The family of a victim who dies from rabies infection may seek compensation for medical costs on behalf of the victim.

Victims may also seek damages for lost wages in an injury claim. Those who suffer a serious infection may require extended time away from work to receive treatment and recover from the infection.

An injury claim may seek future expenses and losses related to medical bills and lost wages. If it’s anticipated treatment will be required later on, such as cosmetic surgery when injuries are disfiguring, those costs and the missed time from work could be addressed in a claim.

Physical injuries and infections aren’t the only kind of injury victims might suffer when bitten. There can also be emotional harm, allowing for recovery of pain and suffering damages. If the attack was especially vicious or caused extensive injuries and medical problems, the victim may be suffering from depression, anxiety or even post-traumatic stress disorder.

If an individual contracts rabies or another infection from a dog bite and dies, family members may be able to seek damages through a wrongful death claim. This may include compensation for damages related to the impact of the victim’s death on surviving family members. 

Get legal help from Jason R. Schultz. Call (404) 474-0804 to set up a consultation to review the various types of damages that dog bite victims may recover after developing a serious infection.

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