Atlanta, where do you want to see bike share stations?

Posted on Jun 09, 2016

On June 9, Relay Bike Share brings bike sharing to Atlanta. For the launch, the company is only providing 100 bikes based out of ten stations in and around the Downtown area, but the company plans to add 400 more bikes by 2017. And, it is asking potential bike share users for their input on where to add these bike share stations.

How can I submit my input?

Cyclehop, who is launching the bike share program, is working in conjunction with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and the City of Atlanta to promote a quick survey via text that allows potential users to vote on where they would like to see bike share stations. You can complete this survey by texting the name of the Atlanta-area neighborhood to 678-647-7176 or by visiting the Relay Bike Share website.

To thank voters, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is offering weekly prizes through the month of June. Weekly drawing winners receive a $50 gift certificate, while one monthly winner will win a new kid’s bike.

How will this bike share program work?

A well-known name in bike share program, Cyclehop, owns and will operate the Atlanta Relay Bike Share program. Cyclehop already runs similar programs in other big U.S. cities.

Cyclehop bike share programs allow users to rent a bike from one station and return it to another station closer to your destination. Regular users can opt to pay for weekly or monthly usage, or pay one-time hourly rates.

Cyclehop planned the first ten Atlanta stations in and around the Five Points area, in Downtown. These stations include:

  • Hardy Ivy Park
  • Woodruff Park
  • Underground Atlanta
  • Georgia State University Arts & Humanities Building
  • Sweet Auburn Market
  • Nelson Street Bridge
  • Broad and Mitchell
  • M. Rich Center for Creative Arts, Media and Technology
  • Georgia State University Petit Science Center
  • City Hall

The location of future stations depends on the results of the ongoing survey, and they may add more than the planned 500 bikes as demand increases.

The hope is that visitors, locals, and commuters alike can utilize the bikes for leisure or to connect to MARTA. When used in combination with other public transportation, these bikes could reduce the burden on buses and trains, decrease cab traffic, and thin out congested surface streets. They also provide a healthy alternative to walking to and from the train station or bus stop to your office.

Go check out the current locations in Five Points and be sure to vote for a station in your neighborhood today! Before you head out on your next ride, refresh your knowledge of Georgia biking laws, check out our tips for staying safe while biking on Atlanta streets, and remember to always wear your helmet.