If Your Child was Injured in a Car Accident in Clayton County, GA (Part A)

A car accident in Clayton County, GA involving your child can be devastating. Not only is the emotional toll a heavy burden to bear, but also the financial costs related to the necessary medical care can be too much for any family to shoulder. If you need assistance to make sure your child's health needs are met, a Lake City child injury lawyer can help you. This is pertinent when taking into account the number of children injured and hospitalized in car crashes every year.

Approximately 184,000 children ages 14 years and younger were injured in car accidents nationwide in 2005, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). During that year, car crashes injured 504 American children under the age of 15 every day. Injuries received from a car accident can be so severe that hospitalization is required.

Car Accidents Requiring Children Be Hospitalized in Georgia

In Georgia alone, the CDC's 2005 findings document 518 motor vehicle traffic hospitalizations needed for children involved in car accidents. The report identified 117 of these hospitalizations were for children 0-4 years, and the other 401 were for children ages 5-14.

According to the CDC, more than $406 billion annually in medical costs and lost productivity are related to injuries nationwide, with children ages 0-14 accounting for $51 billion.

Getting Help for Your Child Injured in a Car Accident in Clayton County, GA

These statistics, along with the uncertainties surrounding your child's injuries sustained in a car accident, make understanding your rights invaluable. As a parent, you want to guarantee your injured child receives his or her deserved medical treatment and benefits. Consulting a reputable Lake City child injury lawyer is a crucial first step. While a personal injury attorney certainly can't promise all of the compensation he or she needs and deserves, your attorney is your advocate in the fight for a fair settlement.

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