What are the risks of hiring a lawyer from one of those accident or lawyer referral 800 numbers?

When hiring a lawyer, consider whether the attorney with whom you are consulting is a good fit for your case. This may be difficult if you call an 800-number that connects you with one of the personal injury lawyers in its directories who may not be an ideal fit for your particular case.

The following are some risks of hiring a lawyer through referral services with 800 (or similar toll-free vanity) numbers:

  • You do not receive or harness the chance to discuss the specifics of your case with the personal injury lawyer. Rather than meeting with an attorney to discuss your case before When you call a lawyer referral service, the call center executive simply directs you to an attorney who he/she thinks best fits your needs.
  • You may not receive the quality service you need. Attorneys just need to pay a specific fee to have cases directed to them through lawyer referral services. There are no other special qualifications regarding previous client experience, competency, etc.
  • You may be compelled to seek medical services from clinics associated with the referral service. Referral services sometimes partner with medical clinics and the former then may compel you to obtain services from the latter, especially in cases of accidents.

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