Does premises liability cover attacks from animals on the property?

Premises liability may cover attacks from animals on a property in Peachtree City. It's important to consider various factors that would affect this type of case.

Determining Liability for Injuries Resulting from an Animal Attack

One factor is if it involved a domesticated or wild animal. Let's say it was a pet dog that attacked. Depending on the circumstances, liability could lie with the dog owner. If it involved a wild animal, it would be challenging to hold the property owner liable. A possible exception is if he or she kept the wild animal as a pet.

Another factor to consider are animal laws. In Georgia, the dog bite laws make it tough to hold owners liable. When injured on someone's property, you must establish three elements.

The first is that the dog was vicious or dangerous.  Second, the owner knew the dog was vicious or dangerous. Last, the owner allowed it to roam at liberty or was careless in managing the dog. Local laws may also apply. For instance, Fayette County has laws on the restraint of animals while on someone's premises.

Owners must keep the animal under control while on his or her property, such as by a:

  • chain;
  • leash;
  • enclosure; or
  • fence.

With regard to wild animals, most aren't allowed as pets on someone's property. Other laws may also apply, so speak with an attorney about these cases.

People that want to own wild animals must first obtain:

  • a permit;
  • insurance; and
  • a license.

Seek Help from an Attorney

This type of case may involve a variety of legal issues including premises liability, dog bite statutes and other animal laws. If you suffered serious injury, seek legal advice to review how all of these laws and factors can affect your case. Call Jason R. Schultz to set up a consultation if you’re in the Peachtree City area and wish to explore whether premises liability covers your damages: 404-474-0804.