What should I do if my child suffers serious playground injuries at a public park?

If your child suffered serious playground injuries – such as breaking his arm in a slip and fall at the park – while at a public park in Atlanta, speak with an attorney about your legal options. You might be eligible to file a negligence claim to recover damages, but there are certain restrictions on filing claims against a city or municipality.

The details surrounding the accident determine whether or not you can file a claim; your attorney will be able to review your case and determine eligibility, as well the estimated value of your claim.

Determining Liability for Playground Accidents

The first step in determining claim eligibility to file a claim for playground injuries on a public park is to pinpoint who is responsible for the accident.

A few of the possible responsible parties are below.

  • The city or town
  • Another party responsible for the playground (private playgrounds)
  • The groundskeeper
  • The playground equipment manufacturer
  • The childcare worker responsible for watching your child

Cities like Atlanta are immune from government liability in some cases, but some injury claims are admissible, so long as certain requirements are met. You must establish that a city agency was negligent in some way, and that the negligence led to the playground accident.

If you plan to file a claim with the City of Atlanta, you must make your claim in writing to the agency responsible for your accident within six months of the accident. The city will then determine if it is liable for your child’s playground injuries. If so, you will negotiate a settlement. If not, or if you are unable to negotiate a settlement, you can file a lawsuit against the city. An attorney can be helpful whether you’re still filing your claim with the city, or starting to pursue a lawsuit.

Other claims involving playground accidents will differ. If filing against an equipment manufacturer, you may file a product liability lawsuit. If filing against a childcare worker, you may file a claim alleging neglect against the childcare center.

An Attorney Can Help Explore Liability for Playground Injuries

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