When a Jonesboro Car Accident is Not Your Fault

Having to deal with car insurance companies -- your insurance company and the other party's company -- after a Jonesboro car accident can be a hassle. However, it is necessary, especially if you suffered injuries and car damage, and the accident was not your fault. Those liable for an accident often are afraid to report a car accident, so it may be up to you to make sure that not only your car insurance company, but also the insurance company of the other driver, is aware of what happened. 

It is important to get the other driver’s personal information and insurance information immediately following the car accident. You should also take photos of the accident in case the other driver claims he or she was not at fault. The photos can be used as evidence to maintain your innocence. 

You should inform your insurance company after the car accident as well. The company can follow up with the other driver’s insurance company to ensure that you get paid for your damages. You should follow up with the other driver’s insurance company several days after the car accident to see if the claim has been called in. If not, then ask the claims adjuster to set up a claim and advise you of where to take your car for repairs. Get a claim number and make sure you have authorization from the car insurance company before proceeding with any repairs. 

Contacting insurance companies is just part of the process, and can be an unpleasant part. Contact a Jonesboro personal injury lawyer when a car accident isn't your fault.  

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