Georgia Traffic Fatalities: Urban vs. Rural

According to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Georgia had 1,284 traffic fatalities in all of 2009. This is down from the total of 1,729 fatalities that were recorded in 2005. The data goes on to show that while 659 of the 2009 fatalities occurred in rural areas of the state, 625 of these fatalities occurred in urban areas.

This means that, according to the data provided for the year of 2009, a fatal Georgia car accident is as likely to occur in an urban area is it is to occur in a rural area. These statistics also illustrate the importance of safe driving no matter what type of road or area you are driving in.

While these statistics may not bring comfort to those injured or mourning the loss of a loved one who was killed in a Georgia car accident, know that you do have legal options to hold those liable for the accident responsible for the injuries they caused.

The NHTSA's Georgia traffic accident statistics include a wealth of information that Georgia drivers should be aware of. If you have been injured in a Georgia car accident, you may be eligible for compensation in a personal injury claim.  To learn more about your legal options following a car accident, it's best to consult with an experienced Peachtree City car accident lawyer.  

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